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About Us

We at Eternal Carats are dedicated to bringing you more than 30 years of our experience in the diamond and jewellery business.  We understand that purchasing diamonds and jewellery is a partnership based upon your trust in our quality, reliability and know-how.

We select very high quality rough diamonds straight from our sources around the world. We are also committed to bringing you conflict-free diamonds, following the Kimberly Process guidelines, making sure diamonds are only imported from conflict-free countries fully complying with the Kimberly Process Certification scheme. This Process is an International cooperative monitoring system that is used to eliminate the trade of diamonds originating from rebel movements in their efforts to finance wars against legitimate governments.

The diamonds then go straight to our offices located at the Bharat Diamond Bourse, Mumbai, where our team of cutters and polishers apply their quality skills, bringing out the sparkle and brilliance in each and every diamond.

These Diamonds are then sent to internationally recognized gemological laboratories for certification. These certificates will from then on always accompany the diamonds. When you buy a diamond, its certificate becomes your property.  Please note that these certificates are not issued for all the small diamonds decorating rings, but only solitaire or centre diamonds and individually bought diamonds.

We then import the diamonds directly to our offices at the heart of the diamond centre in Antwerp, Belgium. You will have first choice from a large selection of high quality diamonds at below market prices. Straight from our factory to you, cutting out the middleman and giving you a better price. We are also eager to help you in selecting the best settings for your diamond, bringing out its exquisite beauty and brilliance. When you buy a individual diamond from Eternal Carats, the setting is included at no extra cost.

We ship our diamonds and jewellery to you using the most reputable shipping companies including USPS, UPS and FedEx.  You will be given a tracking number so that you will always know where your shipment is. We de not allow anyone else to sign for your purchase unless you first inform us in writing.

We hope to bring you a enjoyable buying experience. Ensuring that you have a smooth and transparent purchase from start to finish and feel confident throughout the entire process, even if this is your first time purchasing with us at Eternal Carats.

We are here to help and we believe in quality customer service, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your enquiries. Get in touch with us by email, or call one of our customer service representatives. See our contact page.